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Reserved for Fire

Therefore, dear friends, since you have been forewarned, be on your guard so that you may not be carried away by the error of the lawless and fall from your secure position.

(2 Peter 3:17)

If the citizens of the ancient Roman city of Pompeii had known that fateful day in 79 A.D would halt life as they knew it forever, their choices would have been far different.

They went about their regular activities as before, none the wiser that the neighbor volcano that would erupt suddenly.

Unlike them, we have ample warning as to what awaits this world at the end of time.

As people of God in world that is reserved for the destruction of a merciless fire, we must as a matter of survival have three things at the back of our minds round the clock.

1. Christ Can Come at Any Time

The Rapture of the Saints is the very next event in God’s divine calendar. It will whisk true believers to be with Him in Heaven while the world reels from the impact of the triggered judgment. Live every moment like is your last.

2. Handle All Earthly Endeavors with a Light Hand

That organization, business, school, profession and passion you’re engaged with is surely admirable. Even God wants your hands occupied and prospered as you wait. However, you must note that in the end, achievements, fame, fortune, properties and empires will be burnt up. As you labor, don’t cling to them. Cling to Jesus, instead.

3. Tell as Many as you Can

Do it as often as possible, any chance you get. He loves them with a passion and finds no pleasure in their pain. Sinners were the very reason He came to die. You know where He found you. Understand that billions desperately need the miracle Jesus gave you. Don’t be silent.

Beloved, this period we’re currently in is injury time. We must constantly be on our guard. God is ever faithful to lead us through.

And He will as we trust Him.

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Get -30% purchase on order over $299.00

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