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You Are Chosen

Author: Mark A Mims Sr.

Our identity in Christ is a function of our election as God’s chosen people. One of the privileges we have in Christ as believers, which also defines who we are in Christ, is that we are God’s chosen vessels.

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We were divinely chosen in Christ as the sons and daughters of God long before the foundation of the world. The prerogative of our divine election as God’s chosen was not due to anything great that we have done. The truth is we did nothing to qualify to be chosen by God, nor are we even deserving of it. Meaning he chose us for himself out of mercy. God’s election bestows on us the privilege of being made in his likeness and having his character, power, and the blessings of sonship. Our faith is not the basis of God’s choosing us but the result of it. Our roots, as children of God, are in eternity — in the infinite mind and heart of God.


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You Are Chosen