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Planning Your Christian Book: 7 Solid Steps

Then the Lord replied: “Write down the revelation and make it plain on tablets so that a herald may run with it.

(Habakkuk 2:2)

Has the Lord placed a burning idea in your heart which He wants you to put into writing?

Are you not quite sure where to begin planning out the book or are you stuck somewhere in the process?

I’m happy to announce that you’re in the right place.

Writing a book is an intricate process that requires a healthy amount of preparation, whether you’re an outliner, a discovery writer or a hybrid. It is also a beautiful one.

Today, we have 7 solid steps you can take to successfully turn that idea into a work of glory.

1. Pray

You cannot achieve anything that will truly glorify God and succeed if you don’t present it to Him first. Ask Him for wisdom, grace, and guidance all the way. Also, take dominion over the territory, demographic and/or situation He wants you to address.

2. Meditate

Take out quality time for this. Have a notepad with you. Let Scriptures caress your mind. As the Holy Spirit breathes upon you, ideas will inevitably flow in.

3. Broaden your Horizon

 Read materials relevant to your genre: articles, blog posts, biographies, novels, memoirs, and so on. You need to understand a problem in order to solve it.

4. Refine your Writing

Take advantage of the massive amount of helpful online and offline content out there. Watch YouTube videos, take courses, attend fairs and meet-ups and connect with other Christian writers.

5. Put on Your Detective Hat

Go out and mingle. Investigate. Pay attention to real people’s mannerisms, reactions and conversations. Ask questions. Be assertive.

6. Organize your Findings

Be intentional about this. Set up notebooks, excel sheets, word documents, a writing software, post-it notes or whatever works for you. Just make sure you can easily look up your plans as you write.

7. Don’t Over-plan!

It can be terribly tempting to want to get it all figured out before you begin. Ignore this urge and START WRITING INSTEAD. You’re never a writer until you actually write.

Understand that the whole point of this is to glorify God, save souls, restore backsliders and strengthen believers.

Set your eyes on the Author and Finisher of your faith, and get to work.

Now is the best time to start.

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Get -30% purchase on order over $299.00

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