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6 Effective Ways For Christians To Unwind

My presence will go with you, and I will give you rest.

(Exodus 33:14)

We’ve all seen this scene at some point: a movie character screams out their frustration, arms spread wide and at the top of their lungs.

You’ve probably done this at some point. Or at least seriously considered it.

Between shuttling through work, school, family and life in general, it’s too easy to find ourselves at the brink of ‘losing it’. Pervading situations twist us into a taut, complicated knot.

In reality, though, it takes far more than a passionate scream to bring lasting relief.

Here are 6 powerful and effective ways for you to unwind as God’s child:

1. Meditate on the Word

God has said such beautiful truths concerning Himself and YOU. Be still and let them caress your mind. Watch the burdens disappear.

2. Spend Time with Loved Ones

Sustained quality connection with them have a potent effect like an elixir. Discuss, share, laugh, and love. It’s too important to pass up.

3. Watch Christian movies

Only a few things beat quality and unforgettable entertainment plus spiritual edification. It’s a riveting way to let out stress.

4. Read Christ-glorifying Books

This is a delicious one. Novels and motivational books in exhilarating genres whisk you into a new world filled with intrigue, suspense, love and adventure. Add God’s glorious Hand and you have a winning stress killer.

5. Listen to Gospel Music

Your choices are literally endless. Sing, dance or simply lie down and soak the peace of it all in.

6. Do that Hobby

Maybe you’re not into movies, books or music. That’s fine. There’s that worthy activity that drains the tension from you, simple as it may appear. Engage in it, and let the Lord heal you through the passion He has given you.

These are tested and trusted ways. Begin today and be amazed at how effectively you unwind.

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Get -30% purchase on order over $299.00

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