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3 Spiritual Laws Christians Must Never Ignore

One of the first unshakable truths that registers when one comes to Christ is that the spiritual controls the physical in the same way a puppeteer does a puppet.

Everything that outwardly manifests are simply confirmations of what has been programmed in the spirit.

It goes without saying then that God has set up laws that guide operations in this realm.

Although there are more, we’ll focus on just three for now. They are:

1. The Law of Complete Surrender

This is the starting point. It entails breaking free from all else and placing the entirety of our lives in God’s Hands for His service. It entails the commitment to do what He says, hoe He says, when and where He says. If we do not settle this in the spirit, we will never get the fullness of all Jesus has for us.

2. The Law of Mental Transformation

If the old ideologies of doubt, fear, self-sufficiency, culture and association remain, the move of God can be greatly hindered in a life. We must be committed to eliminating the harmful baggage by immersion and absolute faith in the Word of God.

3. The Law of Honor

Honor is the discerning, celebration and rewarding a person for uniqueness, value or excellence. The recipients are God, parents, our spouse, authorities and ministers of the gospel. Imbibing this virtue can grant us access into powerful dimensions of both heavenly and earthly blessings!

When believers engage these, intentionally or otherwise, astounding miracles occur. When they are ignored or violated, every facet of life is affected one way or another.

It is a journey and we must trust Him for grace for performance. On our part, we must determine to follow through until the end. This is the key to true victory.

Now that you know these things, you will be blessed if you do them.

(John 13:17)

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